Photobombs - Photos taken at the Right Moments

The definition of photobombs would go something like this “Any time the background of a picture hijacks the original focus’’. Photo bombing can be gun, but by no means would you like to ruin a photo of a happy married couple for example or a bodybuilder who would try to get his revenge after-wards. 
Our advice is that you think twice before doing it and to whom you are doing it to. But without such courageous and humorous people the rest of the cyber world wouldn’t be able to enjoy and have a laugh seeing these funny photos. Enjoy!

Advice No 1: If you fall asleep on a beach don’t be surprised if you see one of your photos on the internet when you wake up.

Advice No 2: Make sure that you have your oxygen mask before diving in, it might be risky.

Advice No 3: DO not leave your door open or a girl with too much make up on may freak you out.

Advice No 4: Wash your teeth regularly so you don’t end up looking like this lovely couple.

Advice No 5: Try not to hang out too much with celebrities; they are the favorite targets of people who like to make pranks.

Advice No 6: Try not to take photos of old ladies with a back problem or you may burst in laughter.

Advice No 7: Before taking a photo make sure you won’t have to run for your life after-wards.

Advice No 8: Make sure that you haven’t invited your future wife’s ex boyfriend to your wedding or you may end up having a photo like this in your wedding album.

Advice No 9: Don’t give children any alcohol or you will face the music.

Advice No 10: Try not to catch a shop-lifter on your camera; he/she won’t be pleased.

Advice No 11: Posing might not always work, somebody behind you might steal your spotlight.

Advice No 12: A giant bridesmaid might better sit down. This one barely made it into the frame.

Advice No 13: if you seek entertainment- entertainment is what you’ll get!

Advice No 14: I told you to think before you photo bomb someone.

Advice No 15: Try putting less makeup or you may freak yourself out!

Advice No 16: Scooby Doo bee Doo

Advice No 17: Reverse photo bombs can be fun, but make sure to bring gloves just in case.

Advice No 18: “Jealousy is a tiger that tears not only its prey but also its own raging heart”.

Advice No 19: No comment!

Advice No 20: Another reason why girls shouldn’t take pictures in the bathroom!

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