Best Sports Moments

A diver immersed in water from a height of 27.5 meters during the competition on cliff-diving in La Rochelle, France

Timo Clam dive during a competition at the Grand Prix diving "AT & T USA Diving Grand Prix" in a pool of Fort Lauderdale

A fan waits for the beginning of South Africa team Confederations Cup match between the national teams of South Africa and Spain

Brian McCann of the team "Atlanta Braves" freezes on the bench during a baseball game against Major League teams

Member of the 24th Sand Marathon in the Sahara desert dune climbs on April 1. Participants were more than 200 miles in 7 days in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

Residents of nearby villages are looking at the participant Marathon on the Great Wall on the outskirts of Beijing

Paul Hawkins is waiting for a wave of his board in Sydney. Modern riding a board with a paddle happened in Hawaii in the 1960s, when the surfing instructors monitor their students in the water, sitting or standing on the boards.

Womens rest during the training at the rowing competitions of New Zealand in Cambridge.

A fan support their favorite team in the match against "Michigan State Spartans" game at the National Basketball Championship on April 6 in Detroit at the stadium Ford.

Michael Phelps warmed up before the competition on June 12 in the basin of Santa Clara.

Children watching a tennis match at Queens Club in London on 8 June.

Jacoby Elsberi of the team "Boston Red Sox" overtaking Jobe Chamberlain of the "New York Yankees" Stadium Fenway Park on April 24 in Boston.

Participants of the 50th annual Cheese races are celebrating the victory on the street Stilton High Street on May 4 in Stilton, England.

Kobe Bryant of the "Los Angeles Lakers" (left) and Ron Artest from the "Houston Rockets" "exchange of courtesies to match the second series of Playoffs in Los Angeles on May 6.

The second championship race for office chairs go down the street in the village of Bad Keuning-Zell, Germany, April 25.

Participants of the 50th annual Cheese races are celebrating the victory on the street Stilton High Street on May 4 in Stilton, England.

A girl enjoys the rain on the upper balcony of the stadium. Because of the rain on June 10 canceled Major League baseball game in Arlington, Texas.

Fans of the football team Ecuador support their team before the match with the Argentine in Cuenca, Ecuador, April 23.

The swimmers are prepared to swim "Travessia dos Fortes" Rio de Janeiro on 5 April.

Players school team Westwood, Massachusetts, to rejoice in lacrosse, winning the final against the high school at Wellesley College, Wellesley, June

A man collecting water near the stadium Royal Bakofeng on June 16 before the Confederations Cup football match.

Teams compete in the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong on May 28. The festival is part of the celebration in honor of Qu Yuan " Chinese poet, resist corruption of the imperial court

Cricket fans watch 20-20 World Cup match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, on the TV screen in Karachi on June 21.

Team "Team Canada 1 during his brief speech at World Synchronized Skating Championships in Zagreb on April 3.