Miley Cyrus Attacked by a Fan on Stage (Video)

Miley has a fan come from behind her doing her final song, but luckily security is there to take the fan down and rush Miley offstage!

A fan runs up on stage and stood beside Miley Cyrus in Melbourne, Australia. She was quickly tackled by security and Miley was rushed backstage.

Okay, she wasn't really attacked, but that's what her crew is assuming. During a performance of her song, "The Climb," a fan somehow found her way onto the stage. She rushes toward the singer and puts her arm around her. I can just imagine what she told her friends. "Hey, I'm going to sneak past security and run on the stage. Can you take a picture when I pose?"
After the fan was pushed off the stage by security, Miley did nothing but repeat, "OMG." Yeah, I'd be surprised too. Miley was then rushed off the stage.